The best ag market ideas and hedging strategies in the world mean nothing without a plan and execution.

With a history of innovation and development of farm marketing programs, Alkire Advisory offers planning and strategies to help clients achieve profit goals. As a fee-based service, we excel at plan-based market execution. Execution with price, market carries, and basis focused on an individual’s marketing plan. We help every client develop a sound marketing plan. When a farmer understands the connection between price, yield and profit/loss, it is easier to accept good profit margin opportunities when they develop.

Crop Marketing Plan
Hedging Strategies
Market Insights

Crop Marketing Plan

Alkire Advisory’s Crop Marketing Plan is customized for each client to have full transparency of their operation’s profitability.

The Crop Marketing Plan helps clients realize the impact crop sales may have on achieving profit goals relative to total costs and price needed for unsold bushels at various yield scenarios.

Alkire Advisory loves educating clients on superior marketing alternatives relative to their unique situation. Most of our clients use futures and options to manage price risk. We utilize cash market alternatives for those who do not wish to have marginable positions.

Comprehensive Local Basis Analysis

Our local basis analysis helps each client maximize farm storage for various delivery periods. Our fall-forward basis analysis helps clients understand the value of owning farm storage and the most profitable delivery periods.

Hedging Strategies

We work one-on-one with clients to develop marketing strategies and identify their best local market opportunities. Alkire Advisory prides itself on superior market execution. We help every client develop a sound marketing plan and help them understand the connection between price, yield and profit/loss.